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You think being Santa is all fun and merry right? Well, it actually hard work. You have to be trained, you have to have the right look, and you have to be prepared for the naughty kids.

That's why several mini Universities for Santa's exist.

Timothy Connaghan, the instructor in the video (above), has been teaching prospective Santas "the art of wearing the iconic red suit" with his traveling School 4 Santas. He's been working for the past 12 years teaching two-day courses he holds annually during the spring and summer across the U.S. His curriculum offers:
History of Santa Claus: Students learn about the stories and legends surrounding St. Nicholas and how they’ve evolved over the years. Santa’s Basic Work: Learn techniques to create a hearty “ho, ho, ho.” Posing for Photos: This doesn’t just cover pictures with kids but also adults. Your Image as Santa: Pick up tips about proper beard grooming, good personal hygiene, and how to choose the ideal accessories to go with the red suit.
Another group, Noerr Co., teaches over 70 Santas from their corporate office before the holiday rush. It's a four-day training program that takes place every summer at ‘Noerr Pole.' What are they taught? According to their website.
Santas are taught how to pose for pictures, how to deal with social and mainstream media, how to sit with a child on their lap, what to do if a child asks for something intangible for Christmas, and how to stay healthy and hydrated during the holidays
Being Santa also requires some exams to pass the program, so yes, you have to study to be Santa.

So, are Kris Kringly enough for the Santa job?

That's really adorable. "This WILL be on the exam!" 🎅🏼
Damn Santas do it best
lol i'd like to learn how to say the Ho Ho Ho
Finally a college I want to go to
lol wow. thats pretty... umm dedicated to the art of santa! kind of amazing
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