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Vingle Nakama!

So for today's Deck the Halls With Anime Challenge, we're asked who/which characters from anime we would most like to spend our Christmas holiday with.
This is a particularly interesting question for me right now, because as it stands, I'm going to be basically alone for Christmas. T_T
So yeah, a little sad, but still. Without further ado, here's my pick(s)!

Black Leg Sanji

I would want Sanji to join me for a few reasons.
1.) He's a great cook, so could potentially make some amazing food for us to eat.
2.) He is a smoker - and so am I, and it's always nice to have smoking company.
3.) He and I can both lament the fact that our lovely ladies aren't with us to join us.

Yamamoto Takeshi

Yama is just one of my favorite characters of all time. He is kind, and sweet, and cares so much for his friends. He's also a total badass with a sword. I know he'd make me feel comfortable and happy for the holiday, even if it's by my lonesome.
great choices ill probably go with the whole strawhat crew it would be one hell of a holiday
awe cute. if I could spend a holiday with an anime character it would be Naruto because he would entertain my son for me. lol