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One of the most popular mods for Fallout 4 doesn't add in new weapons, or armor, or quests. Instead, it makes the weather in the game more... weathery. I don't know. But it looks super cool. Allow me to drop a game industry "buzz word" on you real quick like a leg drop from Macho Man Randy Savage,


That's what this mod adds. A whole lot of it, too. Oh, you want me to explain what it means? Well, too bad, loser! Macho Man never explains what his leg drops mean to his foes and I won't explain what that means to you! Instead, I'll pick you up off the floor for multiple German Suplexes. And while you're dazed, will I show mercy? Nope! I'll tag in my partner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and he'll give you the People's Elbow!
That's right. Bang, Bang! Cactus Jack is coming out to hit you with a chair. Then I'll give you the ol' pin and ONE TWO THREE, that belt is mine. The crowd will go wild and cheer my name (PAAAAAAAAUUUUULLL) and I'll hold the Vingle Wrestling Federation's Heavyweight Championship belt over my head and point at the crowd. I've done it. I'll call my mother late that night and tell her she can finally be proud of her son.
Anyway, this mod looks exactly like that feeling. That feeling of existing in world that you know is a fantasy but it also feels entirely real. Like a place that actually exists. And after watching some of the video above, I wish I had Fallout 4 on a PC just so I could run this mod and be like, "wow, look at all that dust storm happening, so cool. Such storm".
If you're lucky enough to have Fallout 4 on a high-end PC, I definitely suggest you download this mod. It'll make the game look a lot more... IMMERSIVE and INVITING and YOU'LL REALLY FEEL LIKE YOU'RE IN THE GAME.
Because that's what video games are about, people. Feeling like you live in a world where all your problems could be solved with some walking around and shooting and talking. Shoot and talk. That's right, take it to the streets and play more video games. But actually don't play video games in the street that's really irresponsible.
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