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For the second day of the 100 days of anime is my favorite anime. Needless to say, this one was rather difficult to answer, especially because I didn't want to repeat an answer already and appear obsessed with a single anime. But there's no way around the fact that Steins;Gate is my favorite anime of all time. There simply isn't any part of the anime that I didn't love. Every character brought a whole new wave of personality and fun to the anime that sets it a step above in my book. That being said, there are many honorable mentions that I think deserve credit as well. These are Your Lie in April, due to its exceptional storytelling and plot, Terror in Resonace, for being able to build up so much in just 11 episodes, and Hellsing Ultimate, just for being the wonderfully over the top, blood-showing rediculousness that it is. (plus the abridged series is top notch as well)