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Soft breaths and tiny rain droplets was all D.O could hear that night. Caressing your cheek softly, he swear he saw your cheeks blush in the moonlight.. It made him smile and think back to the time when you had first kissed. It made him giggle too, your first kiss wasn't like the story books. It was messy and clumsy, he accidentally kissed your nose! Then he remembered earlier that day when you made a lame joke and in the process fail at it but still it didn't stop him from laughing and calling you a dork. Rainy nights had a special affect on you two, you wouldn't care what was happening or how late it was because the both of you would be cuddling and telling each other what happened throughout your day, D.O was very fond of telling you he loved you, seeing you blush was the most perfect thing in the world.
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