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I'm obsessed with Shazam, because I am SO bad with names, but I can always remember tunes. Essentially it's an app that listens to music playing an can recognizes the name of the song and the artist for you.
Now theirs a version of that for faces. But unlike Goggle and Facebook, that recognize person faces, they recognize celebrity faces.
And it's really helping photographers and PR people.
“We can take the guest list of an upcoming party — not just the models, but the company executives and VIPs — and, with human help, match names to faces ahead of time,” photographer and co-founder of Steve Eichner said, "Now we don't have to worry about that."
So you never have to be that doofus (like me) that's always asking, "wait, who's that?" You can just look up the celebrity face.

What do you think of this new website and app?

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Make this app into a database for all your acquaintance 😱😂@nicolejb
New business idea here I COME!! @DaivonUnderwood
Oooooo snaps! CEO status😎😂😂@nicolejb
AHAHAHA I WISH @DaivonUnderwood I have no business skills whatsoever
Yeah right. So what do you call this then? Don't you say journalism!😅@nicolejb