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So Ikon came out with 2 new songs--"WHAT'S WRONG" and "DUMB AND DUMBER"-- to add to their WELCOME BACK ALBUM... Ikon has really grown on me...I enjoy their singing and the rap line is amazing and these 2 songs proved this to me. My favorite out of the two is "Dumb and Dumber " which I will explain why in a moment

"Dumb and Dumber"(Kpop Version of Grease XD)

This song is so good and soon as i heard the beat in the beginning and saw the hair I knew it was going to be good!! One thing that grab my attention the most was that it gave off a Grease feel( if you haven't watch movie then you're probably so confused XD) Bobby's, B.I, and Jinhwan hair destroyed me so many times(both in laughter and in sexiness). Their facial expressions was also hilarious XD They was also a MV making video of the song which I personally love to watch!

"What's Wrong"

Nothing Is Wrong...Everything is Fantastic Baby!!!

So this song was awesome....the MV was great and really kept me entertained....I don't know if its just me but it kinda reminded me of Big Bang "Fantastic Baby"...since it was a like revolution/fight between two groups..In this MV it was Boys agiangst Girls( I think XD) Also I am screaming right now because....CHANWOO FINALLY GOT A WHOLE VERSE!! You guys have no idea how much i was freaking out...Every time i heard him I couldn't help saying "Get your shine Chanwoo!" XD The making of this MV was hilarious...I love seeing how this crazy MV's are made

Tell Me Your Thoughts On Both The MV's!!

Which One Is Your Favorite?

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There will be no-one better than Big Bang. So sorry. But I will keep watching IKON as they make their own history though.
@KhedeenEvans I didn't say IKON was better than Big Bang i just said they had the potential to become the next Big Bang.....Thanks for the comment :)
@JohnEvans Sorry that came out wrong. However I agree with on IKON having the potential... Thanks for replying 馃榿
i love ikon but no just no you cant replace the kings sorry
I think both are good but we can't lie big bang going to be always the best ones!