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Hey there! I noticed a few new Vinglers here and I just wanted to say hello!
Welcome to the News Community! Here's what you need to know about us.

We like to discuss new, real issues in the world.

We also like to talk about not-so-serious fun stuff. As long as it's relevant, (and here's how to tell if it's relevant) it probably can be discussed in the News Community!

Also, here's something important you should know!

Vingle is going a giveaway for the Holidays. And if you'd like to win an awesome newsy prize, comment on all the newsy cards in this community.
And go check out this card <<HERE>> for the specific instructions.

Welcome to the News Community! Thanks for joining us.

Now, intro time.
I'm nicolejb, the moderator for the community. I like technology news, funny news, and politics the most.

What kinds of news do you read?!

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Really at the moment politics to decide who I want to vote for, but really anything. I like little tidbits here and there and everywhere.
Hello everyone! Sorry I'm a little late to the party card. Happy Holidays, everyone. My name is Stacey. I'm the second in command to @nicolejb. I do whatever she tells me to. ;) I'm interested in pretty much Everything. ^.^
Hello @nicolejb I would like to be kept update on news about architecture. Thank you
Oh cool @Hime2396 I don't write a whole lot about architecture, but I can try! are you an architect?
@nicolejb yes I am. Also I really enjoy reading about different things so if you don't write about architecture that's fine 😊.