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Sick and tired of the commercialism bullshit that has turned Christmas into a stressful 5 week affair of finding the perfect gift, the best bow, and just the right amount of wit to write in the card?
Well, today is the day for you!
On December 23, Festivus comes around and it is a holiday where you air all of your grievances about the year of old. Sounds like a bit of a downer right? But don't worry, after the airing of the grievances there is the chance to bask in the glory of the feats of strengths! So you end on a high note, and with all the food and alcohol being past around its always good to end on a high note.
Made popular by Seinfeld (we all know the show), festivus is a day to celebrate the end of your year, to let go of your past grievances, and to focus on the amazing things that have happened/will happen come the new year. Also, its the perfect time to call out your friends on the shitty things they did over the past year.
So in honor of Festivus, here are the top 3 grievances that I need to leave in 2015.
1. I have let my anxiety's get in the way of my opinions. My grievance is that in 2015 I am worrying to much what people think of me.
2. I have grown complacent in my life. I have let the demon that is the job search effect my drive to be bigger and better. My grievance is that I have lost my courage and faith that no matter, what I will prevail. I promise to get this back.
3. The fact that Trump being my president is even a concern to me. Honestly, what the fuck world. HUGE GRIEVANCE.
I would love to hear your grievances that defiantly need to be left in the past, burnt up, and never seen again!!
And always remember....

"Happy Festivus for the Rest Of Us"

They actually have giant Festivas meetings all over the world on this day! I wanted to go to one so badly! @jordanhamilton is also probably celebrating :)
Yayyyyy!!!! This card is perfect @LizArnone. I loveeeee you for tagging me @nicolejb 馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄馃挄
Cosmo and @lizarnone...together on one card. Dreams can come true
@LizArnone And I can't think of anyone who could make festivus any better than you!!
@InPlainSight i would love to do festivus with you!! you're already amazing at feats of strengths !!!
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