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Though, from those numbers, he was definitely going slower than the speed of light, wasn't he?
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@desireesowah143 the fact the heat is caused by the force of friction...him being able to take immensely strong blows without a cut shows just how strong his skin alone is...
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@KennethKalgren but friction is not what would cause cuts from a blow. Not at all. Friction is, by definition, the force opposite motion. Basically if OPM was just standing there, static friction would be in play (on his feet to the ground) and there would be friction pushing back on the fist coming at him. That's it. However, you do indirectly have a point. His skin and muscle tissue below must be very resilient to take a strong blow, so the heat cause by friction from him moving at nearly light speed back to the planet (and away from it for that matter) would most likely be immense.
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Just gonna say this: Goku was faster than the speed of light in the Namek arc...
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@trvrshetzler instant transmission is instant that is by definition faster
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hay guys I see allot of speed getting thrown around if you wanna look more into a fun video on super fast fiction characters then go and get on YouTube and look up the imaginary axis, he does a video on "how fast is the flash" it's really cool
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