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As all you Harry Potter fans know, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a play about Harry's child, has officially cast our own bad ass female lead to be played by Noma Dumezweni. What makes this totally awesome is that Noma Dumezweni is black.
Now as we all know, Emma Watson, an all around perfect Hermione, is not black... so fans have taken to the internet to discuss, argue, and even ask J.K. Rowling herself what she thinks about this "radical" casting.
This is her response.
Like, fuck yes!!
Now, lets be frank. The idea of a black Hermione really isn't that radical; fans have been recreating these characters for years with thousands of fan fictions and fan art to depict their heroes however they want.
What makes this casting absolutely amazing is that Harry Potter has a cult following. Millions of little girls (and boys) look up to Hermione, (one of literature's best female role models). As a white girl, it was easy for me to see myself in her. To aspire to be her.
But now, POC fans don't have to simply imagine their own version of Hermione. Our fab female leader now encompasses even more girls and that is really something to celebrate!
Because in this day and age, we girls need all the role models we can get and her (Hermione's) ability to be a role model to all after all these years is just inspiring.
I couldn't agree more! I think it's amazing.
@ButterflyBlu right like besides every other article I read from a POC who just gets it way more then me im just so happy hermione aka the greatest female role model I had as a child besides my mother can now be way more easily relatable to so many other girls who need to be reminded that being smart and loyal is the sexiest, bravest, and best part about them!!
With the way Rowling responds, I've wondered if it's how she's always envisioned Hermoine, but always bit her tongue with the interpretations of her, in artwork and in film? I think it's awesome that she readily welcomes the new Hermoine!
For a second I thought that said thousands of years.