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For those who havent watched this movie, GO WATCH IT. IM SERIOUS. Spoiler alert!! It's my first time watching this movie. I know i know how could it be. I suck i know. But oh god my heart is still aching my eyes wont stop tearing up. When it was ending i was like "no no no no no! This cant be it. There's got to be more. There's got to be some kind of plot twist here. See? There's still like more than 5 minutes for the credits. There has got to be something after the credits. Yeah thats it yeah i'll watch it till the end i wont even skip the credits" so as i was watching the credits i ended up listening to the song and reading the songs translation. And of course i ended up crying more and more. Then before i knew it my more than 5 minutes credits of hope ended. THERE WAS NOTHING. And i was like "why? Why?! Why did you have to do that mountain god?!" Then " come on hotaru you should have thought of gloves at least? That would have worked right? Wait is it okay to touch clothes? Its okay right? He just said skin right?" Then "that fucking kid! Im gonna kill that freaking kid! He freaking killed gin! I would have accepted it more if it was just hotaru but wtf kid?! You were just a random kid! I wish the spirits would kill you for what you have done. You're going to hell kid!" Then "oh god what have i become? Was i just looking for a happy ending?! Oh god no. What did you do to me? Thats not me!" Then "oh gin😭". Those are the stages of grief im still going through. This movie broke my tiny heart and soul.
I was not happy on how this ended at least maybe a kiss on the cheek that's good me and my mom both got mad at this end we were flipping tables on how mad we were, but it's so cute
what's really depressing about this is that they don't have it on Netflix
I feel you....(T~T)
its really good, but sad.
hotarubi no mori e
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