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Good news everyone: Sega is back.

Support for a new Dreamcast has been growing for a while, and Project Dream was a fan project to create, essentially, a custom Sega console built on PC hardware. However, it’s gone from fan dream to something approaching a reality.
The idea is to build the Dreamcast around Sega’s custom made arcade hardware.
In order to achieve this,Sega translate the arcade games to the smaller screen and to put out game development kits for cheaper prices, while using off-the-shelf processors, in this case Intel’s i5 Haswell, to overlap with PC games.
The developers are looking to pitch this to Sega soon. The idea would be to crowdfund the console and try to pre-sell a million units. With the right games, Sega could be compete in the market once again.

Do you think Sega has what it takes to make a comeback in the video game console market? Would you buy a Dreamcast 2?

I think with the right hard ware and games its possible but they Have to be up to par with today's consoles in my opinion to compete
No they're done making consoles. I would love it if they came out next E3 and announced this but it's not to be