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People keep saying that Goku will lose to Superman. I kept explaining why Superman will lose from Goku. No matter what I say people don't believe it. So I keep wondering what other people think and agree with Stan Lee.?????
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While I love Stan Lee, is he really the expert? He didn't write Superman OR Dragon Ball Z. Personally I think Goku would win too, but I gotta play Devils Advocate
I think goku would definitely win too but Stan Lee probably said it to take a shot at DC comics.
@TensaZangetsu98 I agree. Supes is DC and Stan is Marvel so it makes sense him throwing shade at Supes. I think screw attack has it right. Superman >Goku.
it made sense @djdoubl3up
i agree with Stan Lee so tired of ppl saying he would lose to Superman I mean Goku is a god and yea Superman is just as powerful plus these 2 would never meet in the first place like come on now am I right or not I mean even Stan Lee says it's true