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It took me a few days to realize that we set up this whole challenge and – *gasp* – I haven't even done mine yet!!! So here goes :)

1) Selfie

Hello, my name is Alli! :D I'm 23 and from New Jersey.
Please pardon me... I'm like, really really bad at taking selfies. I literally never do it, so I have zero practice. But yes. This is my real face. Nice to meet you all! :D Woohoo!
A little about me... I love to read, write, cook, run, give love advice, play counselor when talking to my friends about their problems, travel, be outdoors, and listen to music! I'm a secret K-pop fan (most people don't know that about me, I think...) – my bias group is BTS and my ultimate bias is Jimin. PARK JIMIN I LOVE YOU. Ahem. Sorry. My inner fangirl escapes once in a while.

2) My Dream Crush

...That, of course, leads me into my dream crush. Well, I would have to say... number one would be my current boyfriend, because um I'm crazy in love with him and he's so freaking handsome and tall and amazing and I just literally can imagine no one better for me. Uggghhhhh I know, I'm so gross. Anywayyyy...
My OTHER dream crushes... are kind of embarrassing. There is, of course, Park Jimin of BTS (obviously). Then there's Mr. Darcy in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice (dat puppy face), Young Leonardo DiCaprio (so freakin' cute), Rafael Nadal (ARMS) (scratch that, BUTT), John Krasinski (sense of humor – also did you see HE'S GOT MUSCLES NOW), and Ryan Gosling (dreamy face). These are the men that make me swoon.

3.) My Current Status

Dating a super cute, super smart, super amazing guy that I'm super in love with. I feel like LITERALLY the luckiest person on the planet. ^.^

4.) Most Romantic Memory

It was probably... when I read this thing my boyfriend wrote about me. We like to trade little essays and writing assignments now and then, probably because we were friends and pen pals for a while before we officially started dating – as a way to deal with the distance between us.
We wrote a sort of psychological analysis of one another, including a description of what each other would be like if we were a city, after reading this book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino. His was so kind and generous and sweet and spot-on... and reading that was the moment I knew he was as in love with me as I was with him.
It was basically the best moment ever, you guys :,)

5.) What I Look For In A Partner

I would say for me the most important thing is intelligence. It's the sexiest quality someone can have.
After that, kindness, a great sense of humor, and ambition. I need my guy to have the same kind of drive that I do – goals, and a plan for achieving them. Somebody who's well educated, good at expressing themselves verbally and in writing, someone really communicative... and somebody I'm crazy attracted to, of course ^.^
Also, loyalty and faithfulness is really important to me. Like most of you guys, I want to be somebody's number one. Because they'll always be mine, so I expect the same in return.
And maybe the other most important thing – loving. I'm really loving, and I like to get that back, too. :)
Thanks for reading, you guys!! I feel like I've definitely gotten to know you all better, and I had a blast doing it :) thanks so much to everyone who participated in this challenge!!! Y'all are awesome! (and if you haven't done one yet, don't worry – there's still time :D)
Basically, this challenge was created so that everyone who loves Love, Relationships, Romance, Friendship, etc. could get to know each other better :) If you're not already a member, or even if you are, come party with us in the Love & Relationships community – we're always there for anyone who has love dilemmas or questions about anything!! :D <3


Well, you are just adorable haha Your love story is amazing ^.^ I look forward to stalking... *cough, cough* following it! It's so cuuyuuute! 😍😍
Wow you're beautiful! ^^ I must say, Leonardo D'Caprio was handsome when he was young :D I agree with you about intelligence!! I find that pretty awesome in a man haha same tastes there cx I wish you the best in your relationship because you deserve a nice man in your life :)
So pleased that U have a wonderful partner in your life. It is awesome how U started out as pen pals b4 dating. I appreciate that U like intelligence. It allows growth and gives us insight as we go thru experiences. Its even better that U share that with your love. Great card.
yey nice to see ya face beautiful.. Im happy you found your special person. I love to listen to people too. Im going to have to check out that book and see whats it about. Awesome card!!!
awww wish u all the best with ur bf... Team park jimin yaay!!!! lol i love ur card n u did a good job with the selfie..
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