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The music video releases today. I'm pretty excited, we got to watch it and it looks pretty cool. Emily and Kaela did a pretty good job, I'm proud of them. I looked at them while they were watching it and their faces lit up, they seem happy and if they are, then I'm happy. But when it got to my part Emily looked at me with wide eyes and then everyone else did and Luhan stood there triumphantly. Sehun was looking at the ground and I wanted to ask what was wrong but couldn't bring myself to ask. An hour later we released the music video and got a lot of positive reviews but also negative ones, I would be surprised if no one gave hate. I sat on the couch when the laptop on my lap, tumblr on one tab and youtube on another. I wanted to scroll through the recent comments so I clicked on the youtube tab and scrolled down. One caught my eye and then as I read it, everything around me stopped.  Oh no, this can't be, how is this possible? Baekhyun then disrupted my thoughts, "You ok?" I nodded slowly and then closed the laptop lid, "Just watching videos on youtube," no one can find out or a major scandal would be created... Baekhyun snapped his fingers infront of my face and I looked at him, "Oh! I'm sorry, just caught in my own world." I smiled and then his face lit up, "I wanted to ask you about the bet we made!" I tilted my head slightly, what bet? He sighed, "Remember COD?" My eyes became wide and then the memories came flooding back, "I remember now but what about it?" Baekhyun laughed, "I was wondering where did you want to go on our date?" Oh yah, he won the bet, if anyone sees us eating togeth--- wait! "Why don't we have our date here? I could cook us up something yummy and then we could watch a movie."  Brilliant, then we don't have to go outside and people won't see us. "Oooh, I've never had your cooking before, Let's do it!" He smiled and jumped up, "Tonight then?" I nodded, "Why not?" He then turned around and walked off while whistling. What have you gotten yourself into? Maybe this whole pick me up thing was a bad idea.... maybe I should go back to the states, after tonight of course. I just don't want to hurt anyone more then I have. I could leave Emily and Kaela here to fulfill what Jae asked us to do. I'll talk to him tomorrow morning. I got up, I should pack but be careful so no one questions what I'm doing. I then sat the laptop on the table and headed towards my room.         "This is delicious!" Baekhyun smiled with sparkles in his eyes. "Why thank you," I forced a smile, I'm going to miss you bacon. "So did you have a specific movie in mind?" He tilted his head slightly and I shook my head no, "I wanted you to choose." He smiled again, "Oh ok." He then stared at me while smiling and then oit of no where said, "I'm glad to have gotten the chance to know you." I gave him a surprised expression, "What?" His eyes got wide and replied, "N-Nothing.." He then cleared his throat and took a bite of the spaghetti I had made. I sighed and smiled, "By the way, I let you win." He laughed," As if, I kicked your ass." I laughed, "Yah right! I could kick your ass any day!" He then stood up, "Let's test that theory," then a mischievous smile appeared. I stood up, "Prepare to have your ass kicked." We walked to the living room and he handed me a controller and a pair of headphones, I put them on and then turned the controller on. I layed it in my lap and cracked my knuckles, he laughed, "So we're getting serious then, alright." He sat down next to me and looked at me. Uhhh.... The theme music started playing and I said, "Oh, look it's on!" I saw him frown slightly but that quickly disappeared behind a smile, "Get ready." I gave him a mischievous smile, "I was born ready. I woke up and looked around, the living room was dark except the light illuminating from the TV. I realized that we fell asleep with me leaning on him. My face became red and I stood up and Baekhyun mumbled something. I looked at my phone, 4AM? I quickly went to my room and grabbed my bag and swung it over my shoulder. I then dialed Jae.


I walked into the airport with music blaring in my ears. ***Flawless by Beyoncé was playing, I would start dancing but I'm not in the mood to. I sighed and headed towards the assigned gate. I looked at the plane ticket in my hand and sighed. "Are you sure you want to leave Delilah?" Jae asked me with a frown and I nodded, "I think it would be for the best." He sighed, "Well I can't stop you, here." Jae placed the plane ticket in my hand, "I'm glad to have gotten the chance to know you." A flashback of last night's dinner flashed in my mind, i immediately shrugged it off, "You too Jae." I looked up and surveyed the lobby, there was barely anyone here, I can understand why though, everyone is most likely asleep since its 6am. I looked out the windows and tried to see anything through the darkness. I walked towards the gate and noticed there was someone standing there waiting, I walked up to them, "You headin' to the states?" I said trying to make small conversation. "No," the person said, I tried to look at their face but they had a hoodie on and the hood was covering most of their face. "Oh, why are you standing here then? Just wondering.." I put my hands up innocently and half smiled. The person raised their head a bit, "Why, why are you going to states?" I was taken a back by the sudden question but the looked at the floor, "I didn't want to hurt people I cared about." The person scoffed, "You really think leaving WON'T hurt them more than staying?" I looked at the person, "W-what?" The person put there hood down and my grew wide, "H-How did you known I would be here?" Kaela pushed the bangs out of her eyes, "I hear you talking to Jae last night. Look, you leaving will hurt them more than you think. It'll hurt me." I didn't  know how to reply so i stood therr and let her get what she had to say off her chest, "Why would you leave? Without even telling us? If you did care y-you would've said something. You didn't come to anyone and ask for h-help," I watched as tears filled her eyes, "Look, I hate how I've acted towards y-you, I w-was just jealous, realizing you might leave, I-I felt like it was my fault." I looked her in the eyes, "It wasn't your fault, I just felt like me being here would've made things worse..." I then felt a pain across my cheek, she had slapped me, "YOU'RE THE WHOLE REASON WE'RE HERE. I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY, I LOVE BEING AROUND THE BOYS, I-I FEEL LIKE I BELONG." I looked down at the floor why didn't you tell me? But I can't say that either since I didn't tell anyone about how I felt either. "YOU KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN WITH THEY FIND OUT YOU LEFT? SEHUN, XIUMIN, LUHAN, AND BAEKHYUN WILL BE HEART BROKEN. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE THEM LIKE THAT?" She was crying now and every word broke my heart even more "THAT'S WHY I'M LEAVING KAELA, I DON'T WANT THEM TO GET ATTACHED TO ME AND SOMETHING HAPPENS, I LEFT THE STATES BECAUSE I THOUGHT I WOULD BE HAPPY HERE JUST LIKE YOU... and I am but I can't stay here." Kaela looked me dead in the eyes, "Fine then leave. Their pain is on you," She then wiped her eyes and turned around heading towards the airport exit, I watched her walk slowly away then start running while wiping her tears away. I looked back down at the plane ticket and felt my phone buzz. I took it out of my pocket and unlocked my phone, Sehun was calling me,         -"H-Hello?" I said quietly.         - "Hey! Where'd you go? I couldn't find Hana either and Mina didn't know where you guys went also."         - My lips started to quiver and I could feel tears form in my eyes         -"You OK Ahri? Do you need me to come get you?"         -"I-I'm Sorry..." I then started crying after failing trying to hold back the tears.        
this stoey is literally my obsession now lol
awe my sadness for everyone is real
Oh my god! This is so sad!! 😞😭😢
can u please tag me when you post the next 2 chapters, plzzzz. thank you!!
UGH too sad!!😭😭
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