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Everyone's trying to get Latinos' attention -- makes sense. We're a very big and impactful group of people. Some people hate us, love us, but one's thing for sure: Latinos are everywhere in the United States and we've proven to be pivotal in many areas, including politics. To gain the support of young Latino supporters, a list named "7 Things Hillary Clinton Has in Common With Your Abuela," was posted on the Hillary Clinton website.
Initially the post was titled "7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela." The title of the post was slightly changed after the backlash.
People were still upset. Soon after the hashtag #NotMyAbuela bit through the internet.

Some of the points on the list include:

1) She Worries About Children Everywhere
2) She Know What's Best
3) She Reads To You Before Bedtime
4) She isn’t afraid to talk about the importance of el respeto (especially when it comes to women) …
Reaching out to the Latino people isn't about throwing Spanish words here-and-there. It isn't about trying to somehow mold yourself into one of them. It's truly loving the people, listening to their stories, and learning about what they want and don't want.
In an email on Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton's director of Latino outreach, Lorella Praeli stated in response:
“As a Latina who recently became a citizen, I know firsthand the challenges that many in this country face,” Ms. Praeli wrote, “including fear of deportation, and Hillary is committed to fighting against Republican attacks to tear families like mine apart.”

Here are some of the responses on Twitter to the list:

Hmmm. What do you all think about the list?

You can see the full list here.
She is trying to dig deep in collect the Hispanic vote and what a fail. I'm actually disgusted. As a person who worked in government before, I can't stand what people do when it comes to fishing for votes. This mostly occurs in ethinc community, LBGT, religious beliefs, unions... Man don't get me started. Dios míos with this bs. Sorry like I tell @buddyesd all the time lol my Spanish is choppy as hell 😂😂
she's hispandering....sorry had to but really a muniplive political play instead of talking about our issues they pull this stupid crap
@LAVONYORK you said it mi amor, they want my vote? show me results, give me a reason or vete a la casa :)
@alywoah it's one of my favorite new words along with aglet
Well here's what I think: ELLA NO ES MI ABUELITA!!! (No way!) But seriously they need to stop that because it surely wouldn't be getting my vote at all. Just because they're throwing in Spanish words doesn't mean that they care about Hispanics and that just makes me really mad and disappointed.
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