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You know how everyone talks about the infamous Bias List?? Well, we all have one but I, muself, have never actually put my biases into a list of sorts. So, I decided to make a card. But they're so many kpop groups, and even more talanted idols. So I'm only doing my top 5 for the sake of my sanity and yours.

So, we'll start with 5: Jay Park!

I know he's not technically kpop but he still holds number 5 in my heart. I just recently started listening to his music and fell head over heals (Not like that's different from any other kpop artist I've seen) I love how he can rap and sing in different languages. It also helps that he's adorably hot. Sir, you need to calm down.

Number 4 : Park Jimin!

How can I not post at least one BTS member on my top 5. Let's be real. It took me FOREVER to pick a bias in BTS because they're all so darn cute. But, Jimin won with a landslide after I saw BTS in Atlanta for the Highlight Event. His eyes locked with mine for a good 20 seconds during the autograph session before I freaked out, looked down and walked away. I'm shy, sue me.

Number 3: KIM JONGIN!!

Exo was one of the first bands I got into when kpop ruined my life back in 2012. It was just after the debuted, and Kai was always the one my eyes found. He's so symmetrical, and innocent. (Not that that makes any sense.) Kai was a strong number two until I found out about a friend of his...

Number Dos: Lee Taemin!

Here's another group I recently discovered. I instantly fell for this cutie while watching the new SNL Korea. (Link at the bottom) When the noodle dropped from his mouth, the look in his eyes destroyed my life. Just so you know. https://youtu.be/xmbaO5EaPHU

Annnndddd My Number 1: GDragon!!!

So this slot wasn't even a second thought. GDragon is the man, I would literally sell everything I own just to have 5 minutes with this ball of talent. I mean, he raps, sings, produces, choreographs, styles, and even wrights his own stuff. The guy is almost perf. His flaw?? That all his on stage charisma, mostly stays on the stage. He's like two diffrent people in one hot package. On stage he's a sexy, attractive man who can destroy your soul with a single glance. Off the stage though, he's shy and adorable. I think that's what has me so hooked. Maybe it's not a flaw. Lol
So, who's on your bias list?? Comment or better yet, make a card and tag me in it. Hope to hear from you soon!!
gd made my heart explode once again
@jaxom I completely understand. Picking a bias for B1A4 has been driveing me nuts all year. 😁😁
Hol up! You and Jimin were staring at each other for 20 seconds and you're still alive?!
For SHINee, it's Minho.....for 2PM, Taecyeon.....I can't choose for EXO, B1A4, BTOB, or BTS.
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