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Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Nayeon of Twice has been gaining a lot of attention from fans because of their beauty..... I'm here because I want people to focus on Twice Momo too. For people who do not know Twice Momo, she was on a survival show called Sixteen, which was how all the Twice member was picked out. Momo was eliminated during one of the missions but because JYP and the staffs that are in charge of Sixteen members believed that Momo was a very talented person so they decide to bring her back at the very end of the show. After reading this, I think people should start to recognize her and search her up more in order to realize how pretty and talented she is at such a young age. If you think the pictures that I used isn't really convincing then I recommend you to look her up on the internet, give her more likes and support. I am a huge MoMo fan and even if you don't really like her. I would appreciate it if you try to or keep the negative comments or opinions to yourself. Even though I am not Momo myself, I am the biggest fan and I want people to recognize and start supporting her like I do. THANK YOU!!!
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She's really talented! I saw a clip of her dancing to 2pm song and she nailed it. Her dancing is so natural and it makes it seems 10x easier to do. I tried it and I look like a fool.