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I've found the info Christine has to share most helpful. I've had skin care issue most of my life. I've just started the natural approach & my skin is already less oily, clearing up & softer!
Also a good oil to treat and prevent acne is castor oil! And as a toner the rose water works great too!
Oh darn, the link didn't post correctly, sorry. I use coconut to moisturize, tea tree & lavender to cleanse, alcohol free witch hazel to tone. Others im going to try but haven't done so yet. Go to Christine Kobzeff on youtube. She has a ton of info, different clay masks too. Johoba, grapeseed, almond oil, roship is good for acne scarring. I've just stated using that one. Ive managed to find a lot cheaply so far at Marshalls & TJMaxx!
My acne has cleared up! Now I need help with the scarring. Any suggestions would be most helpful
An acne scar mix: grapeseed, rosehip, frankincense, lavender & rosewood. Use only 4 drops of frankincense, lavender & rosewood. They r essential & potent. Fill the rest of bottle with the grapeseed & Rosehip. Use a dropper.
which oils do you use?