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Hey ARMY Fandom! I'm writing an EXO fanfic, and I want to introduce BTS as main characters 'cause I mean I love their swag and quirkiness. So I need more information about them as individuals can you guys comment below and give me more info?, for example what they like to eat, drink, their hobbies, their favorite catchphrases, their roles in the group, etc. Y'all get my drift? Oh and also, use one word to describe each of them. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE GUYS. ✨
@KrazyKatie u was just about to say the say. You can easily find this info on the web. Good Luck!
A really good website to look up all the facts on them is
Jimin acts cute and innocent but hes a complete f boy and he always wants to show off his abs but puts on a cute but really not innocent smile as if hes not doing someth wrong. He also loves taeyang from bb and dances amazingly and once tried to talk like TY cuz hes that obsessed. Dont trust him. He also gets made fun of everybody else for being "short" even tho hes 5'8". Suga is a grandpa who acts like hes too old to do anyth and has an amazing b**** f*** off face cuz he always gets annoyed by everyone. Jhope literally acts like a 3 year old and has that πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜ on his face at all times. Jin cant dance (as well as the others) and gets made fun of a lot even tho hes the oldest. V has a really deep voice and is all around immature and too cray but amazingly good looking lol. Him and jimin like to cause a lot of trouble. Rapmon is the leader and has to deal w all of the younger kids shenanigans (mostly jimin, v, jungkook). He acts like hes too old to do stuff even tho hes not even the oldest. Jungkook is the youngest and super cute gets bullied by the rest, luvs GD from bigbang, this honestly goes on for all of them LOL! They all like to catch some ZZZs when they get a chance and will sleep ANYWHERE and even on top of each other. Theyr all crazy, obviously! And theyre HUGE BIG BANG FANBOYS! I MEAN LIKE MEMORIZE ALL SONGS, RAPS, DANCES. if u watch their reaction to bb's performance at the mamas this month, u can tell they turnt up like fans and got jealous seungri sat on sehun from exo then walked away (the longing in their eyes LOL) Tbh, the best thing u can do is watch their bbombs, which are subbed on youtube, theyre HILARIOUS couple-minute videos that they film of themselves for the past couple years and still do. U can also c their humor and adorableness and huge love for big bang. Lol ik its long, but u need all u can get! Also i do know v and baekhyun are friends and im sure theres other friendsships bw exo and bts. If u search a pic of v and baekhyun from mamas 2014, they took one backstage and actually looked identical! V tweeted it and actually got the most retweets in korea that year, even beating Gd. Lol theres so much more, but DEF look up bangta bombs! And PSY's daddy after he won at the SBS Inkigayo this week bc exo and bts were next to him and they all got turnt and did the dance to daddy with like 100 other artists. OK LOL IMA STOP SPAMMING NOW DONT JUDGE ME EXO AND BTS ARE MY BABIES IM SORRY BIIII AND GOOD LUCK 😘
I mean I lol
RapM told Jimin he has no Jams meaning he's no fun or lame
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