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WHAT THE F***/ Fairy Tale
Well i found this while scrolling through Pintrest... and first thing i did was throw my tablet at my wall and said "WHAT THE F***!!!", so now theres a crack on my screen... But what do u guys think about this pic of Grey amd Lucy???
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my eyes burn like the sun punched me I'm going blind. .....Nuuuurrrrr nalu for life 馃槅馃槅
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nalu is canon
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Ohh my gosh when I was watching fairy tail back in the day and lisanna came back I punched my iPad and it doesn't work lol 馃榿馃槀
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when lisanna came back I was mad.I don't when her to get in the way
2 years agoReply
ok it shouldn't be Lucy and grey it should be natsu and lucy
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