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Well i found this while scrolling through Pintrest... and first thing i did was throw my tablet at my wall and said "WHAT THE F***!!!", so now theres a crack on my screen... But what do u guys think about this pic of Grey amd Lucy???
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Creepy...looks like he's drugged and kidnapped her....馃槰馃槰馃槰
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G-gray-sama... is sleeping... naked in the bed... with... love rival?! 馃槧 LOVE RIVAAAAAL!!! 馃寠馃挧Drip.Drip.Drop馃挧馃寠
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Natsu and Lucy really aren't even right it was suppose to be Lucy and lisanna originally
2 years agoReply and its fairytail not fairytale...( just pointing that out )馃槈
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i don't mind, honest
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