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Brows on point and perfect! This fabulous photo is from Maryam Maquillage--a makeup artist who goes by MaryamNYC on Insta. Granted, this is a tutorial from Anastasia Beverly Hills, the dominant force in brow cosmetics. However, this is not intended to be a sales pitch. Learn from the master of brows HOW TO RESHAPE AND ARCH YOUR BROWS and get them to look FANTASTIC!
Skip to 29 seconds in the video to get started immediately.

Take-Away Points:

1. Comb brows to identify natural shape.
2. Apply product to top of arch and comb out.
3. Pencil in dark hair-like strokes below arch to tail.
4. Highlight brow bone and fan out.
5. Snip hairs that are too long.
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Yeah, that emerald eye shadow is to die for! @EasternShell
I totally love the eyeshadow. I saw that before the brow.