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1: Same company as the first group/person Big Bang "Bae Bae" YG!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!
2: First singer is your boyfriend Halestorm "I Miss The Misery" I'm dating Lzzy Hale. Works for me, I'm pan & she's a 10.
3: Location of where you met Neon Trees "1983" so we met at a state fair/ carnival.
4: Last singer of this song is trying to come between you. Jaejoong "Healing For Myself" I'm more than okay with this! :D
5: Third singer/rapper is your BFF Wiz Khalifa & Charlie Puth "See You Again" So I'm friends with Wiz Khalifa? That's kinda awkward considering I don't really like him that much. lol
6: Song your boyfriend dedicated to you Hey Monday "How You Love Me Now" aw, Lzzy, babe, what did I do wrong? haha.
7: Song you dedicate back Bizzy & Junsu "Set Me Free" Looks like a mutual break up. Jaejoong oppa ended that relationship pretty effectively ;)
8: Number of months/ years since debut is the number of years you've been together TVXQ "Humanoids" Since 2009? Long time to just Let It Go (obvious Frozen pun)
9: First song you danced to at your wedding Neon Trees "Everybody Talks" Seems fitting.
10: Number of members signifies number of children Super Junior K.R.Y "Fly" Oh my sweet lordy jesus, three?!? *doing my best impression of Louis from Bob's Burgers* Oh no friggin way!
11: First rapper's name is the name of your first child GOT7 "If You Do" Jackson?