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The National Basketball Association is alarmed by the death toll from shootings across the country. Rather than sit on the sidelines of this controversial issue, the league is stepping into the polarizing debate over guns.
The N.B.A. is has decided to run a series of television commercials calling for an end to gun violence.
The organization that paid for the ad is Everytown for Gun Safety. EGS was founded by Michael R. Bloomberg, a former New York mayor, as a counterweight to the National Rifle Association to expand background checks for gun buyers, strengthen penalties for gun trafficking and ban gun sales to people convicted of domestic abuse.
The first ads are timed to reach millions of basketball fans during a series of marquee games on Christmas Day, focus on shooting victims and contain no policy recommendations.

Do you think it's wise for the NBA to jump in the world of politics?

They are not jumping into the world of politics. They are stepping up to save lives.
@DannyMoses true i agree
@DannyMoses I agree with his opinion and could n ot have said it better
i personally believe if that's the players beliefs and feel like they need to speak up since they have a platform its a good thing