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The Bulls may have one of the better records in the NBA, but after the 147-144 loss to the Knicks, Chicago swingman Jimmy Butler didn't seem pleased with the direction the team is going at the moment.
Jimmy Butler even mentioned his coach in a post game interview, saying Hoiberg needs to "coach the team a lot harder."
Butler's comments after Saturday's game were surprising given that players don't often call out coaches by name so publicly. He said Monday that he "was never calling out my coach," and admitted that "the media probably wasn't the best outlet for my frustration," as it "likes to get carried away with stuff."

Did Jimmy Butler do the right thing by speaking out against his coaches teaching methods? Are the Bulls heading in the right direction at the moment?

he totally called out his coach
there a good team so I would say yes the are in the right direction and I'm not fan of calling out your coach but if he said it to the coach respectfully before he said it publicly and felt like it would help his team then I don't blame the guy