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~Kira Hitomi's prov~ A baby cries, A couple argues, and the train itself just doesn't seem to stay quiet. Even my own thoughts are becoming to noisy. I just sigh and look out the window while my younger sister Timida just reads a book that she's been begging me to buy her for a week now. Some romance novel about vampires. That's not the importance of this though. Our mission is to kill the queen of Egypt, and stop her from causing trouble for the citizens. I shook my head having no idea how I was even going to do that, but if the boss thought we could then we'll have to do it. "Are you worried." Timida asked me as she looked up from her book. She stared at me with eyes that said 'don't lie to me.' I just shook my head and looked over at her. She was only 10 at average hieght. She was black, and I was white and mexican. How's this possible you ask? Well it's because I'm adopted. I never knew my real parents and my adopted ones died leaving me to take care of Timida. Do I look mexican? Somewhat. I have white skin and black hair with green eyes. I've never loved anyone more than my little sister even if she can be a little brat sometimes. "What does your boy....friend....think of you being away from him for so long?!" She asked making me think back to javi my boyfriend of two years." He'll be fine." I said not giving it a second thought. He might be clingy sometimes, but this is my job. Timida just shook her head."Your going to make that poor boy depressed, or worst what if he cheats on you." I shrugged and was now giving her my full attention."Then I'll leave him." Timida's eyes widened." Why?" I simply waved my finger and closed my eyes." If he cheated on me that means he didn't love me. So if he doesn't love me why should I waiste my time loving him?" I questioned and she nodded understanding. The train seemed to get even louder for a moment while we were talking. One man went of to the bathroom. While another went off to the next cart ahead. "Don't you get in trouble for just moving ahead?" Timida whispered noticing it too. I shook my head. " no, but you do for trying to kill everyone." I listened closely and through all the comotion I could hear the faint sound of ticking. "He's going to blow up the train." I whispered lowly so that no one could hear me. The worst thing to happen right now is for there to be a panic. The man that planted the bomb in the bathroom had walked out and began heading to the front of the train with his accomplice. "We have to get it off the train." Timida nodded." What about the two guys?" She asked wondering what we should do about them. I shook my head." That doesn't matter right now. The bomb comes first. We'll deal with those two later." Timida looked around at all the people just enjoying the train ride. Kids kicking the back of the chairs and old women talking about the kids now Adays. "How do we get to it with out causing a disturbance, or get rid of it." I smiled thinking of the most perfect idea. " Remember that little dance that you use to do when you were little?" My little sister just glared at me with anger. "I'm not doing it." I just smirked at her and began to walk to the front of the train." Attention passengers! My sister here would like to give you all a short show!" She gave me a face like she refused and crossed her arms so I made a pleading face mouthing the words.' Do it for the bomb.' And she snickered and reluctantly got up to stand in front of the passengers. "Hello everyone." She waved shyly. " I'm going to do a little dance for you that I hope you enjoy." She swayed and moved her little body until, and the passengers began to laugh and clap at how cute she was. While they were entertained I decided to go back to where the bomb was planted. Walking into the bathroom I could hear the ticking but it seemed to echo in the bathroom walls like a fly that was buzzing around. "Damn! I can't even tell where it's coming from...." I whisper to my self as I took out a scanner that was the size of scientific calculator, and began to scan the bathroom. It scanned for about a minute before I picked up something in the opposite side of the toilet. " Well don't criminals get more and more creative every day." I laughed to myself. I didn't want to just start cutting into the wall so I knocked in it to find out that it was pretty hallow. I wanted to just punch it but if I hit the bomb that would be tragic. So I took out a tool that I held in my belt pocket and carved a small whole around the opening, and there it was, at the size of a golf ball, with 2 minutes to spare. I gently removed it from the wall and looked out the widow. We seemed to be passing a dessert at the moment." Well this is just to good to be true." And it was. I had forgotten to lock the door when one of the passengers, a lady with her toddler, opened the door to see me with the bomb. "Great....." "AHHHHHHHH."she began to scream as she looked at the bomb and back to me with the faint sound of the bomb ticking in the air."Terrorist!" She screamed making the other passengers panick." Well shit." I thought to my self, as I could calm the passengers later but with only a minute and thirty seconds left now was not the time. Opening the window I took the sling shot that I had taken from Timida and flung the bomb towards the sky. It towards the sky with just enough time for it to explode and the sky, and I sighed with a sign of relief. "Everyone please! The bomb is gone!" People who were hurrying grabbing there stuff to transfer to the next car had stopped to look at me now. Timida sighed relieved. "How can we trust you!" A young women stood up holding on to her husband. "Yeah! How can we trust that your not trying to kill us all." I shook my head and put my hands on my hips then held out one of my fingers." One, if I wanted to kill you why would I throw the bomb off the train." I held out another finger with the other hand holding my badge. " Two, I don't think the government of America would allow that." I held out the third finger." Third, I'm not a fan of shower rape." I smirked a little at them and my sister just face palmed." So if we can all just return back to are wonderful ride on the train. I have some work to do in the train ahead of us." Link: There are 11 chapters to this. Soon to be 12, and I really hope you all enjoy every one of them!