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Ok I understand that some things international fans say under BTS's twitter accounts are inappropriate but don't sit there and act like it is only international fans. Don't get me wrong, I love my K-armies but don't act like you are perfect and don't say inappropriate things under their accounts but that is just hypercritical. Yes, I cringe at some of the comments because who the hell want's to read that! And half the time I'm like where are your parents but I say inappropriate things indirectly. Now that I don't have a problem with. Everyone has fantasies about their bias, yes even you K Armies! But really I don't think K-Armies get it. The closest most of us international fans have been in contact with our bias is through HD pictures and HD videos. K-Armies you get to see your bias on the street, get to actually interact with them at fansigns. For International fans that like groups that aren't kpop related literally we have to take a picture and leave and if you are lucky you get to talk to them. Most of our stars go into hiding and some don't even care about their fans. K-Armies you are literally blessed to live in the same country with stars that care and love. So please don't sit there and isolate us and think that you are better. We are a fandom. In other fandoms, the fans that are from that groups country could care less about what ppl put under the comments (even though some are truly truly disgusting) but don't you dare isolate international fans. We are a family not just a fandom. We all have BTS at our best interest, and we care and support them and it shouldn't matter if your are international or not! (Remember I still love K-Armies but that really just pissed me off)
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@Simba14 OMG I so agree with this. I see some of those comments on some of the videos and I'm like???? Are you even watching the video and how talented they are!? I'm the same age ( a couple of weeks younger) as Jungkook and I can only imagine how violated he feels. Some people just really don't know when to stop, just because they're idols doesn't mean mean that they don't have personal boundaries. They're normal people too
@samni1517 and you are so right!
I see some comments to these idols and think to you really think any person, not just an idol, would really want a serious relationship with a person with such a smut mouth. Sometimes the vulgarity is unbelievable. Come on ladies, if you really love your fandoms, show them that you have some class and not just a smutty mind. I agree with the original poster. The Korean culture, at least from my perspective, is way less promiscvous then here in the United States. I have read articles that stated that the average age for Koreans to lose their virginity is between 21-26. Do you really think that this type of culture wants to read pornigraphic trashy comments. Like I your fandom you respect their cultural beliefs and them...and yourself. It is about being young ladues and gentlemen.