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And for crying out loud stop treating Kookie like a freakin infant! The boy isn't that innocent, none of them are! Literally Hobie said that Namjoon watches porn and Kookie probably sits right there with him sometimes! At their ages they think about sex anyways! Probably all boys get very hormonal before the age 19! THEY LITERALLY WROTE A SONG ABOUT SEX! War of Hormone...does that not ring a bell? The only one that I know for sure that is a virgin is Taehyung because he said it at a fansigning and the fan showed proof. But the boys are not as innocent as you think! They are still boys who have penises and they want to have sex! They aren't infants. Yea we joke around with their mental age and in our heads they are our babies even though half of us are younger than them, in reality they are grown or almost grown boys!
@CreeTheOtaku yea that is inappropriate to do it directly. Now if you are for sure that they can't see it, you can call them daddy all you want. But I see shit that is like Fuck Me Right in the Pussy on the comments and I'm old are you....where are your parents...who raised you?But sometimes I feel like we baby him too much when it comes to like sex and all that. He isn't as innocent as we think but calling him inappropriate things and sayings isn't okay
but yeah im kinda jealous of the k - army who gets to see them on a daily basis and not able to sit behind a screen just looking at their videos
I mean I know he's handsome and your bias but that doesn't mean you make him feel uncomfortable by posting it on social media for bts to see and make us feel ashamed when they might start to hate half of the fan base
but some of the armies need to stop calling jungkook daddy cause he is 19 and it's weirding him out