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This song is my favorite fairy tail song!! I love the lyrics, the beautiful voice and I love BoA for making this song and it fits so perfect for this arc in the series!!
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my favorites are Be As One, Believe In Myself, and Masayume Chasing
@CorrenHollimon great choices NAKAMA!! Be as one I completely forgot about that one that is prob my second favorite it's really good thansk for reminding me
The BEST of 👒One Piece💀: We Fight Together👪 Last intro...SHINING, RUNNING, FOREVER...🌟 💘Heart and Soul - "Waaaaaatashi ga iru yoo!" That princess Vivi ending in Alabasta...💙 WE ARE! 👒Nuff said. My favorite - Bon VOYAGE! ⛵ Ichi ni ☀sunshine yooon WE GO! (New theme!) Ya see how they turned san(3) into SANshine? "We Are!" Remix. 😏Fresh, my brutha. 👌 ...So many gems💎. I think I missed some. 😢 😨Oh yeah! I remember! "Believe" 🎶People tell me my heads in the clouds... ☁I don't care what they say, because I'm dreaming...👌Mm! I didn't like the new one at first, but it gets fun to sing along to eventually! 😂 😫Fight! Butsukatte, itsudatte, sore ga boku tachi no Hard Knock Days. 😃Heibon na mainichi ja kawaki iyasenai. Here we go! 🎵 @LuffyNewman You're welcome. Da' JAMZ! I might have missed some, though. 😂I'll just let you meditate on these. ⛵I do Bon Voyage on piano. I have scrict taste, but these ALL cut it!
I like the new fairy tail opening song just believe in myself 😋😋😂
@LuffyNewman LOL. 🏃I just ran into this, wondering why I posted a bootyload of 👒One Piece songs on a 🐲Fairy Tail card. 🌏The world may never know.