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All just because I saw this while checking my instagram
So what If the international army's don't know your language that doesn't mean you have to call us mean and hurtful words just because it's your opinion and calling us fat and ugly can really cut someone who is insecure with their weight or not comfortable within their skin.... And now I feel bummed out
She is a superficial BITCH. I mean maybe one is not extremely pretty or attractive but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy things like music...and that really makes people insecure about themselves. I mean who the fuck told you that I have to be skinny/pretty in order to listen to music? This is truly so upsetting, music is for every fucking person out there. If I had the chance to talk to this bitch I wouldn't even waste my words and time. Every one is pretty in their own way, if your beauty standards don't fit mine then fuck off and stop trying to make people feel bad about themselves. Creepy? Creepy my ass, I bet you masturbate to their name every second of your life, if that's not creepy and weird I don't know what is. We don't fucking want to be Korean, we like the fucking culture so we do stuff they may do...I find the language so cool and I want to learn it. And please don't get me started with the fake thing. So many things have changed for the Kpop world because of international fans, I'm happy to be one so fuck off!!!
I'm actually half Korean stupid girl and no there isn't such thing as fat just beautiful
@JenniCinneman you are 100% correct! Filter or not! It's doesn't matter if you wrote the whole Twilight Series you still spoke what was on your mind and what was on your mind was the truth
Fat? Ugly? Creepy? Trying to be Korean? Why do we listen to the music when we don't know the language? We look fake? What the fuck? What? Why is she saying sorry for, it's still mean? We wish we were Korean? I... What... Wait... Hold up! Do you know how many times I hear these statements from other people, but hearing from a Korean, especially a Army like herself? I'm just a little taken back and surprised. What hurts me the most is that the statement she is saying is superficial and rude. There are so many people in this world that listen to American music and have no idea what they are saying, but when it comes to others listening to foreign music it's weird and stupid. I don't judge a person's beauty based on their looks, but only on their character and I'm sorry to say this (not fucking really), but this girl sounds pretty ugly in my book. We are a fandom and we used be a family and support us since we support the boys, but girls like her make Korean Army look bad. Which give most of us the idea that they don't like us and that is not true. Music has no language barrier and it is a gift to everyone. I really want to show this message to this girl to show her that what she's saying is wrong and stupid. Do you know how many moments I get when people tell me that I'm trying to be act Korean or I'll probably date a Korean guy because of kpop? It's annoying as hell! What the flying jams? I date whoever I want to date because I like the person. I understand some Korean fans might have these questions in their heads, but saying things like that, that can actually hurt someone's feelings is too rude. After reading all the things this girl says I'm trying to figure out why is she saying sorry for. "I'm sorry to say this, but most international Armys' look ridiculously look fat and ugly?" You are not sorry for saying things like that. I'm sorry for writing a essay of a comment, but this really put me in a sad mood and start to hate my appearance a little one. It's absurd and I hate people like this, but on the contrary, it makes me happy because you know why? It makes me happy being a international fan and proud to listen to foreign music. It's not wrong being interested and learning a culture It means you are very open minded and appreciate different things.
Music is an international language for everyone🎢☺, and we are all entitled to our own opinionπŸ˜ƒ #kpoppersuniteπŸ˜πŸŽΆπŸ’ž
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