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Here's a ridiculous amount of screenshots from B.A.P's Christmas style video of Be Happy!
They were so cute running around in Santa outfits!
Never thought I'd be attracted to people dressed as Santa XD
So many smiles and so upbeat; I love these guys!
Such an adorable video! Just puts a smile on my face. And let me tell you Daehyun is ridiculously photogenic because he looked perfect every time I paused ^_^

Merry Christmas to my fellow Babyz!

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@MadAndrea Ah yes. Like seriously, they are all so dern attractive and adorable it hurts
2 years agoReply
JongUp's Santa beard kept sliding down. Zelo's outfit looked a bit small for the giant maknae :)
2 years agoReply
@destiny1419 Zelo just said eff it I'm guessing cause his was just around his neck the whole time but Yongguk kept it on haha I wish I could have seen his face though >_<
2 years agoReply
thanks for this!!!!! @MaggieAlexis
2 years agoReply