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You lay awake staring at the man that you could call your husband dozed off in a maroon colored arm chair. What is he doing here? Doesn’t he know that you are useless? Uri walks in and notes your consciousness. “Great you’re up! Today is the day you get those pesky tubes out.” She spoke with a large small pasted on her face. You would call it fake if you couldn’t feel the genuine joy rolling off of her body. Yoongi began to rub his eyes and yawned blinking a few times before realizing the situation. “Hey.” His voice was gruff from sleep. You loved that voice. You hadn’t heard it since the last time the two of you had really been together. He pulled his chair up to your side, and grabbed your hand in his and the nurse began working at the tubes. Yoongi ran his thumb over the back of your hand and you just stared at the small caring movement. Your moment was interrupted by a small yank to the tubes.
“I’m going to need you to cough as I pull, can you do that?” You nod as she begins to pull at the end of the tubes, removing the plastic from your mouth. The tube rubbed harshly against your throat, and you began to cough violently once it had been completely removed. “Cough all you want, but don’t speak for 24 hours. There is a whiteboard under the cot if you want to talk.” And with that you and Yoongi were alone. Yoongi reached for the whiteboard and pen, and placed them on your lap. “I missed you.” His words made you bite your lower lip hard in a feeble attempt to keep the tears in your eyes. “I saw him. Our baby. He is really going to be beautiful.” You began to shake as the tears overflowed onto your cheeks. “Talk to me.” He pushes the board further up your lap, prompting you to write. But you couldn’t find any words. What were you supposed to say? I’m sorry. Yoongi frowned as he read your writing. “I should be the one that is sorry Y/N. I treated you like trash.” He sighs and pushes away from you. “I thought I would be better off without you. But I know now just how wrong I was.” You look up at the ceiling and blink as fast as you could. You are so pathetic crying like this. You’re still a burden.
But I’m the one dragging you down. He sighed again. Wow you really are pitiful. “I found your notes. I’m so sorry I made you feel like you were useless and ugly. You are the opposite. I didn’t see how perfect you were until you left.” He pushed the hair from your face. Your eyes followed his hand up his arm and to his face. He was a mess with his hair disheveled and his eyes swollen with his own tears. “Did you do it on purpose?” He whispered and you just nodded. He hung his head and you just listened to his gentle tears as they rolled down his face. “This is all my fault I am so sorry.” He just kept apologizing. If you were dead he wouldn’t feel so guilty. You were supposed to be dead. You were supposed to be. I’m supposed to be dead. Yoongi stood as he read these words. He grasped you in his arms and pulled you so close. He buried his face in your neck, and you felt the moisture of his tears as the rolled down your shoulder. “No you are exactly where you are supposed to be.” He pulled away and began rubbing your belly. Entranced by its swollen nature. “You didn’t see him Y/N. You didn’t hear him. He is so beautiful.” His sounded so mystified; lost in the thought of his future child. “You both are so beautiful.” You were back in his clutches, and this time you wrapped your arms around him as well. “I need you. I love you.” He loves you.
I just want her to feel his love for her and their baby! She needs fm to stop thinking she's a burden and holding him back when he just realized she is what he needs😭😭 @DestinaByrd
omfg fucking feels fml can u plzz tag me when u post the last chapter, thank u soo much!!!
I'm ready! The feels this has given me😭❤️
I'm dead now. 😭
awe the feels
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