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Special thanks to those who tagged me, you guys fill up my heart with fuzziness. Hope you guys get to know me a little more after this

1: Selfie

So here's my face! Just in case you were wondering, the "R" is the initial of my name, Rosa, but I tell other people that I'm secretly a part of Team Rocket just cause it seems cooler xD Haha, and GD influences my style, a LOT, so that's why I have the one of a kind mask in the other ;)

2: Dream Crush(es?)

It's super super hard to choose JUST ONE, so I decided to do 2, Lee Hyun Woo that captivated me in the K-Drama world, and Yoo Youngjae (B.A.P.) that captivated me in the K-Pop world. Their personalities and their bubbliness is everything, they can literally light up any room that any of them walk into, and their smiles are absolutely perfect. Not only that, but they both sing, and their voices are plain amazing. They're just all around perfect, and I definitely wouldn't mind staring at either of them all day ^_^

3: Current Status

Just exclude the sexy part, but SuJu knows what's up xD

4: Most Romantic Memory

When it comes to romance, I am super awkward, so they make for good stories, even though they never really go anywhere xD Well my best friend in high school had a crush on me, a really big one, and he was going to confess and everything, I saw it coming so I got ready, and he took me to the park, but when we hugged, my hair got caught in his piercing, and once we separated from each other, it just ripped the piercing right off. I was laughing cause I thought it was kinda funny, but he was all like "No Rosa, this is serious, I'm bleeding..." and once I saw that, I got serious, we were going crazy trying to find his stud, trying to clean him up so it wouldn't get infected, and we eventually found it, but I felt so bad that it happened. Then, as we were sitting in his car, he told me not to feel bad, but I still did, cause, y'know, blood, and I guess to get me to "feel better" about the situation, *BAM* surprise kiss. Nothing happened after that though, we still act as if nothing ever happened.

5: What I look For In A Partner

Honestly, I only look for 3 qualities, and those are humility, sense of humor, and open mindedness. Someone who is down to earth but can also take a joke and is willing to try new things, especially with someone like me who wants to do, virtually everything, and is OBSESSED with K-Pop and K-Dramas (but it'd be a mega bonus if they were into them too ;D). Aside from that, I like to keep my options open :)

That's all for now!

If you want to know more just talk to me. I would love to meet more of you out there! Thank you for your time :) - Rosa ^_^
awe so cute and this was a great carf