2 years ago1,000+ Views Am I the only one just now hearing this?!?! Please tell me I'm not or I'll feel like a really lame Army. BUT TAE YOU'RE FREAKING KILLING ME Am I crazy or is this really Tae because it is like amazing looking past the Engrish @MadAndrea @TaehyungKey @thePinkPrincess @xsandos17
when i first got into K-Pop I was shocked and fell to floor crying because ONE: Holy shit I never thought that was his voice I thought it would be like higher TWO: Damnnnnnn he sound flipping amazing. -dies-
I found this and was like damn his voice is amazing, so peaceful and makes me want to sleep, so I've found my new song to put me to sleep I wish V and Kookie would do a full duet of "I will give you my everything" they sounded amazing together
That was beautiful.. he can sing and the low tone was soothing. my new song to relax to before bed.
ugh nnnnnaaaaaeeee!
@11erinmims. omg same! 😂 He kills me with his Alien self. But its ok because I am a Alien too
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