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GD gifts iKON with "I Miss You So Bad"
iKON hit the jackpot with a "gift" from the powerful hit songwriter G-Dragon. It has been reported that one of the tracks, "I Miss You So Bad," was in fact written by G-Dragon during MADE preparations.
This is when working together at the YG building is important. As GD was recording "I Miss You So Bad" as a demo, iKON was recording in a studio next door. Thinking another group might be a better fit for the song, GD had iKON sing it. GD liked their performance so much that he "gifted" the song to the boys for their debut album. Both iKON and Yang Hyun Suk were shocked. YG personally called GD to find out if the news was true.
YG further commented saying that the song almost became a title track. This idea was voted against in fear of judgement that that the group was using GD's name to promote themselves.

What do you think of GD's gift to iKON??

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Wahh 馃槺 that's awesome 馃槼馃槡馃憤馃挌
2 years agoReply
That's so awesome! The more I learn about GD, the more I'm impressed by him
2 years agoReply
Gd is a cool dude well thats y i love him
2 years agoReply
I think that was very kind of GD, but I do think there is a worry for if they might use his name for promotion, if so VIPs will be on top of it right away. And I'm sure YG might make sure nothing like that happens.
2 years agoReply
GD is awesome I love him so much that was really nice of him
2 years agoReply