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have some suga Lol
bonus <3
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are you sure its safe to have that much Suga in one sitting.....because *J-Hope's Voice* My- my hearteu . . cant handle the feels !! Lmao Suga with J-Hope XD
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I love Suga...
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@KwonOfAKind haha its never safe, but so worth it Lol :D
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Sometimes, after seeing Yoongi do aegyo or anything cute, I wonder to myself "how did this man survive in the underground scene" only to be reminded that he hates whenever someone criticizes his music and because of a princess a fetus (chimchim)<yoonmin trash> a bunny (who should really be a fox) and an alien all of the members who were in the underground scene had to change. But still Min Yoongi and Suga are (in my opinion) different people. I'll leave it up to u to decide on who is who.
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@LyaS66 I think suga does what he has to do to survive Lol he doesn't really like doing aegyo but he does it for the fans
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