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gotta love rapmon ❀
my favorite one here is the one with L #killinem
oh bobby u silly goose ❀ lol
and forgive me if for some reason i start to post duplicate memes every once in a while I'll try to avoid it..but hey it happens on accident sometimes lol Enjoy
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@Helixx. lmao ive had thst exact thing happen to me.which memeber were u missing?lol
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oh my goodness! the BTS waking up!!!! Chimchim: Suns out Guns out!!!!! and Kookie: Im the Golden Maknae no one rises before me XDXDXD
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I'm dying from laughter over here
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So it took me about five minutes to get the one about how Taeyang sees us. But then I laughed for another five minutes once I got itβ€¦πŸ˜…
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geezz I hate naming the exo cause then I forget a memeber even when I try to say all of there name (ot12) I always forget a memeber, it a exol struggle
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