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I know it's early, but I work tomorrow (Christmas eve) and after that i have a get together with family, so i won't have any time fire the next couple of days. But I wanted to be able to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, I miss being able to talk to everyone like before! What does everyone hope to receive and what are you excited to gift? My favorite gifting gift is the one i bought my sister. I got her a keurig coffee machine. I already gave it to her, her face was PRICELESS! Does anyone expect kpop merchandise? I know no one in my family will even try lmao I'll have to buy it all myself. ♡♡ I hope everyone has a fantastic next few days! I miss yall!
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Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful holiday with your family!
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Merry Christmas to you too! Have fun with your fam bam! :)
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Thanks guys xD Yall as well!! ♡♡
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