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Which Drama Live Recap Do You Want To Read??
I'm so excited!! These are the dramas that are coming out from next week! - Mon/Tue : Big (KBS) - Gong Yoo / Lee Min Jung / Suzy - Mon/Tue : The Chaser (SBS) - Son Hyun Joo / Kim Sang Joong - Wed/Thr : Bridal Mask (KBS) - JooWon / Shin Hyun Jun - Wed/Thr : I Do, I Do (MBC) - Kim Sun Ah / Lee Jang Woo - Wed/Thr : Ghost (SBS) - So Ji Sub / Lee Yeon Hee - Weekend : Dr.Jin (MBC) - Jaejoong / Park Min Young / Song Seung Hun - Weekend : Gentlemen's Dignity (SBS) - Jang Dong Gun / Kim Ha Neul I still want to do some live recap, so I think I will choose "Big" this time :) Any other drama live recap that you all want to read?? Is anyone else joining me and going to do the drama live recap in Vingle??
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Big and I do, I do :x
5 years ago·Reply
A Gentleman's Dignity
5 years ago·Reply
dr jin pls
5 years ago·Reply
Dr Jin!
5 years ago·Reply
will be better, if u watch them.. :D
5 years ago·Reply