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Most of us probably know Kim jong kook from running man, but once upon a time Mr. capable was in a group called Turbo. Turbo debuted in 1995 and was active until 2000. they recently came back as a trio. I was just watching the latest running man episode because my loves Bobby and bi were on it and I found out that Turbo came out with a new song. Obviously I had to check it out because well...Kim jongkook. The song is pretty catchy and the music video itself reminds me of music videos from the early 2000s (maybe earlier, idk). Also, is it weird that I find Mr. capable really hot? cause like he's only like 9 years younger than my dad...but then again so are a ton of other universally acknowledged attractive males, so I guess it isn't that weird, right?
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omg! i didn't know turbo had a small comeback lol. I remember the good old days when they were dorks. they're so spiffy now! haha thanks for sharing