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These are just the popular animes/mangas out but in the next month or few I want to do another manga or multiple mangas giveaway for a fun little non competitive game on vingle with all my vingle NAKAMA! What manga would be most desired?? @ninjamouse @gladness @marthacastaneda @koifries @pascuasio @kittycommittee @vinmccarthy @hermoinenh1 @williamhutson @sanrico @jakeerter @danse @zaperz @stephaniebecerr
All manga can be great. Just give me a heads up on what you guys like NAKAMA!!
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@KrisleeSantiago FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS ME!!!!!!
@Maddie27 I'll make sure to tag you in the next give away I do NAKAMA!! Naruto is amazing always loved it can't wait but also wish it wouldn't end haha. Bitter sweet.
one piece fairy tail or d-grayman hmmmmmm
@LuffyNewman I wasnt tagged but attack on titan is my favorite.
Naruto, fairy tail, bleach, claymore or AoT tbh. Can you please tag me in the next one?