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a little rant sorry. so my manager has been a real a-hole lately saying hes going to write us up for stupid things and whatnot. and today I was minding my own business folding shirts in apparel and he walks up asks if I even know what a hanger is and asks if I know there is difference iin sizes. mind you iv worked in apparel for almost 3 years and longer than he has. and the fact that he said it in a snarky voice to where it sounded like he was calling me an idiot made me cry and not the few tears cry the bawling my eyes out hitch in my breathing sobing kind of tears. he even looked at me like i was something horrible. and the worst part is I was trying really hard today to make sure the wall which is women's clothing was sized straightened and folded to perfection for Christmas eve. and I wasnt the one doing returns tonight it was a different employee so either it was her or a customer who messed up my clothes. and I was speechless I couldn't say anythingin return because this is not the first time he has yelled at me for something like this. im doing my job right I would never dare not to. my sister use to be a manager at where I work I would never do anything to make her look bad. i really want to quit but I need to find a new job I wish there was a kpop store in utah lol id love to sell albums and k-dramas on dvd and merchandise to my fellow fans. so im gonna go cry myself to sleep now. if anyone decides to open that type of store near salt lake city im looking for a job.
I'm sure they are good at looking good for their bosses
I really dont understand how they can be a manager with how they treat people
I quit and got a job across the street. my manager begged me to come back. I told him I wont work for people who are incapable of treating others with respect.
@RebeccaLondon iv had that happen to me at a different job so I was so angry that I quit well a week later the manager called they had footage of the other girl stealing out of my register he apologized and everything
people are jerks. I had a manager that accused me of stealing in front of coworkers and customers. I was so furious with him all I could do was pull the receipt from my pocket and wave it under his nose. I then walked away before I lost my temper.
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