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Neji would beat his ass. I'm sorry. spider man does not fight the way neji. until I see spidey bussing combos like naruto shinobi. lost cause
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I feel you. but movies don't show the true power of comic book characters. they fuckin suck if that's how you judge them
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throw Spidey in the naruto universe or some shit and it would be a dope ass fight. or put neji in the comics
2 years ago·Reply
I say spidey, because he's got spider sense which is in my own opinion just as if not more effective of a defense than the byakugan. Plus he also has loads of goodies you don't really get to see to often outside the comics. The increased strength, speed, reflexes and senses usually are far to over looked again in my opinion. He was (and I may be slightly off but I know it's close) the 4th strongest character in Marvel for a while.
2 years ago·Reply
oh and a slight healing factor too, forgot that one because it's so often dismissed.
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