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I thought this would be an interesting fight.
Let me know how you all feel about this one in the comments below
Until next time... Jewfy signing out
see ya in the comments !
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@ProdByJewfy Deadpool literally has multiple personalities. His mind usually can't be read due to his insanity, but he has been controlled multiple times by people like Shadow King. I'm a huge Deadpool fan and have his comics but I just don't think he'd last against Itachi. plus not a single weapon deadpool has could break through the susanoo, while Itachi could burn deadpool from existence
2 years ago·Reply
@tec96 itachis genjutsu would only last as long as his chakra allows it to. & he's lasted against worse threats than itachi
2 years ago·Reply
even thought deadpool is my favorite char in marvel itachi would fuk him up with a susano
2 years ago·Reply
or blow him up then he cant get back together and heal
2 years ago·Reply
dead pool cannot die. only way for itachi could win is with some kinda of infinite genjutsu and while deads in it find a way to trap him forever.
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