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I thought this would be an interesting fight.
Let me know how you all feel about this one in the comments below
Until next time... Jewfy signing out
see ya in the comments !
I'm going with Deadpool. Even if Itachi gets him in a Genjutsu he'll just break the 4th wall and escape.
i'd say it would be a draw. Deadpool's already batshit crazy and in pain most of the time, so any of Itachi's torture arts will be null and void.
itachi with that sharingan goes all ametaratsu on him with black eternal flames that can not be extinguished so even tho deadpool is my favorite marvel hero/villain he stands no chance against Hitachi. itachi is faster and has a fukin susanoo
@VinMcCarthy can't beat Deadpool he'll just talk you till death
Yea deadpool for the win. itachi would put up a great fight though. but genjutsu or amaterasu wouldn't be enough for deadpool. Hes too durable
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