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Hello everyone! During this time of the year, you might be tight with money with all the Christmas shopping! Rest assure, you can still make sure your nails look great for the holidays. Want to recreate this simple look? I promise it is relatively easy! Follow these steps: 1. Paint 1 or 2 coats with a base polish. 2. Paint your nails red. 3. Use a top, shiny coat. 4. Create the dotted nail look by using a dotting tool, Bobby pin or even a q-tip (for q-tip, cut the tip off so you only use the stick portion). Dip the tool into the white polish and lightly place dots on your nail. 5. For the pinky nail, I used a silver striper Polish. I made a vertical line and then a horizontal line. Then the diagonal lines. Make sure the nails completely dry and then place another layer of a shiny too coat! Merry Christmas! Xoxo
Thank you @alywoah
I love this so much! So pretty!