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Hey guys! The amazing getting to know each other challenge from @AlloBaber! Alright.. My name is Akash. Well you can call me Ash as some do! I am 22 years old. I basically am an Computer Engineer and an Entrepreneur. I love reading and writing poems and novels. I am currently working on a novel called " The Choice". Writing a few drafts.. n stuff. Great fan of HarryPotter, Elon musk n all that's awesome.
My Dream Crush! Emma Watson.. The amazing actress, a great activist, a good person. Also, UN Goodwill Ambassador at United Nations, where she rocked her speech was awesome!! Kuddos To her!
Current Status: Well I am single.. I would definitely like to be in a romantic relationship.
Romantic Memory: Well, not many romantic memories... It was just little walk in park I had one time with my ex, where she was talking about her life... You know this n that stuff... I was listening to her intently..it felt good.. we shared our experiences and said goodbye. It was good feeling.
What I want in my partner.. As I have said... A best friend, who supports me in my endeavours, The one whom I can say anything I have on mind, the one with whom I have all the adventures, respect, adore & love each other and never want to leave each other's side. Whatever happens both will support and encourage each other all the way.
I like your card. Sincere and earthy. I admire what u look 4 & hope U find that because the best most stable & good foundation of relationships is including friendship and communication.
Thank you for liking my card.. @myguardian!
@RaquelArredondo You will be able to read it..absolutely!
Thank you for your kindest words.. @deefran
Hey this is a great card! It's cool how you're writing a novel. It seems interesting and I hope I can read it one day ^^ good luck!
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