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This year we saw trends we loved and we saw trends that we hated, but at the end of the day we figured out what worked best for us. Just because someone else likes something doesn't always guarantee that you will love it and vice versa. When it comes to the world of fashion, it can be rather stressful having to make sure you are on trend every time you step out in public.
It can ruin your mood and your self-confidence if you don't feel good about yourself based on what society deems fashionable, but who created these rules anyway? To hell with rules. In 2016, we are throwing all rules out the window, especially when it comes to fashion. Who's to say what you can and cannot wear? Absolutely nobody. If it makes you look and feel good, that's all that really matters at the end of the day. So, without further ado, keep scrolling and see the fashion rules we are kicking to the curb before the new year arrives.

Dresses And Skirts Must Be Worn With Heels

Keep it comfy and bring out those pair of sneakers. Besides, sneakers with dresses and skirts pair amazing together. Nobody wants to wear heels every single day, give your feet a break.

You Can't Wear White After Labor Day

Says who? This is the oldest wives tale in the book. If you follow this rule, well, I'll just leave my comments to myself. If you choose to wear white, wear white. Besides white in the winter is super chic.

Overalls Are For Little Kids

In what world? Overalls took over the world of fashion with their amazing comeback over the past two years. They won't be going anywhere anytime soon, you better rock those overalls.

Curvy Women Can't Be Stylish

Oh, talk about ridiculousness. Curvy women can where whatever they please and be twice as stylish as anyone else. Curvy is the new black, you didn't know?

You Must Always Match

If you want to wear three different patterns or five different colors, go for it. Who are they to judge?

Fashion standards are just as bad as beauty standards.

Let's kiss them goodbye for good in 2016.
Same! I'm not much of a heel person myself @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton especially the one wearing heels with dresses and skirts.
@jordanhamilton me neither
You and me both! @MyAffairWith
I am glad we are kicking these rules to the curb
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