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Ok so umm... don't know if any one you will read this but recent posts about BTS reading inappropriate comments on their YouTube channel and smuts, etc. have been making me feel guilty lately. I love them and I wouldn't want them to feel awkward or feel attacked. Plus, Jungkook doesn't like to be called daddy because it makes him feel weird and idk... all these A.R.M.Y fans making posts about smuts and comments has been making me feel guilty and tbh that's the reason i haven't updated 50SOB. I don't want to be attacked or hated on because I decided to write something a little more different than other people. Idk... I may continue writing it, I may not. I'm sorry if this upsets anyone, I didn't mean to get anyone hype. 50SOB was originally on Wattpad and it wasn't doing so well so I thought about discontinuing it but then I posted it here and everyone has been really supportive and nice. You guys make me feel that my imagination and my rambles actually mean something, so I thank you. ♡ @DawanaMason @JennaMorgan @Valerie816 @MorleeCorielus @MaristaGil @Kyokeo @dancingdazzler @jazbasquez22 @staceyholley @NasiaWright @MsLoyalHeart @punkpandabear @MichelleFraziee @emmasays @GossamoKewen95 @UnnieCakesAli @parktaemi @domo9456 @DestinaByrd @Taylor1Wright @LaurenDimalanta @CrystalGuerra @EllieSaurich @DevonArce @TaehyungKey @LorenaVelazquez @SierraBecerra @SunnaWalo @RihannaTiaMay @MinDeji @VeronicaArtino @DreaG1518 @XionHeart @ivyheart13 @TracyLynnn @OhHana @amobigbang @taisiakaps90 @Thelovelyscout @KeylaMoreno @QueenLele @CheyanneLindsey @ashrose33 @JasminWilliams @jojojordy2324 @ruthmilian89 @melineptune @OhHana @LindseyDelRio I hope I tagged everyone...
I support whatever you want to do. although I don't think I'd ever call any of the guys daddy.... that just makes me feel awkward. I didn't realize it was that bad that they were commenting Smut on fb and YouTube. if your writing a story fine but on something they look at everyday that's rude to them.
It doesn't matter what other people think of your work, it's what you think of your work! Don't let other people bring you down just because you love letting your imagination go wild!!! I love your fanfic story's!!! Just let your heart sore!!
You should continue it on watt pad because that place seems to be judgement free. This is so awesome but obviously that's up to you, I can get how you might feel awkward but like everyone else has said, I think it was mostly meant for people who post it on things directly at them on videos and fb. Good luck ^_^ you're awesome at writing
Ohh i do hope you finish! If not can you please send me in my personal email or messager on here!!! I really have been looking forward to these fan fics
I totally understand I thought the same thing when I read the post I felt guilty by reading them. But it's not like we don't appreciate the work writers like your self do we complety support everything u do and what ever choice u make we will be behind it all the way. Fighting 😁✊✊
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