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Hey guys so I was going to do one of those text thing for our one of a kind Dragon and was wondering if you guys wanted to be tagged.
You can also suggest what you want the subject to be, or if you want other idols. Like BIGBANG or VIXX or SHINee or a group I know, like EXO, Block B, Super Junior. I thought I'd do some BIGBANG since everyone does BTS and I wanted some more oppas' texts in this Vingle Community lol
I can do OTPs as well.
Just about anything you ask from a group I know, I can do lol
So comment and let me know what person, and if you want to be tagged or not.
And also add what you want it to be about. Otherwise it'll be a surprise *devil emoji*
You can choose jealous argument, birthday surprise party texts, wake up texts, just about any idea you want lol Like I said, I'll choose just whatever if you don't xD
My first one will be GD for sure so if you want be tagged, tell me (:
Anyways, just let me know, bye bye~
@NEOisRealo Anything with fluff would be great :)
Tag me please :) And Super Junior would be nice...maybe Kyuhyun (/.\)
me too
You can do all of them and can they please be fluff
tag me
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